About Us

Mineral Insulated Cable is the perfect choice for ANY high temperature application!

  • MICC (Mineral Insulated Cable Company Ltd) are the UK’s only manufacturers of the full range of mineral insulated cable products. We have the history and experience of BICC via our directors and many managerial and production staff. We are the only company in the World to manufacture using the BICC seamless tube technique.

  • We have many highly experienced ex-BICC staff, we also specialise in designing and turning our MI cable into an installable products / units. We also offer consultation and installation services.

  • Both MICC have strong R&D and engineering teams ready to work with you on special and innovative solutions to your project challenges.

  • We work across a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors including, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Iron & Steel, Pharmaceutical, Refrigeration, Water, Food & Beverage, Automotive, General Engineering, Chemical, Commercial Buildings; Metro Systems, Airports, Hospitals, Prisons and Power Generation; including all UK and many International Nuclear Power Stations.

  • We are a British Company based in the North East of England. We are a seasoned exporter with manufacturing plants and distribution partners all over the World. 

We specialise design, manufacture and installation of the 3 key areas of temperature control;

  • Electric Trace Heating > Raise or maintain temperature on pipelines, tanks / vessels, rock crushers, car park access ramps, even helicopter pads & submarine power systems.

  • Temperature measurement > Industrial thermocouples and RTDs used to measure temperature upto 1200°C! They are used in a wide range of applications from pipelines to steel foundry’s and extremely hazardous areas like Nuclear Power Station boilers.

  • Fire-Survival > The only true fire survival cable on the market, it guarantees 3hr plus escape time in the harshest of fires… our commercially focused copper system is rated upto 1083°C. These are used in high rise buildings, tunnels, metro systems, hospitals and war / refuge shelters in Kuwait.

  • Our highly specialist industrial fire survival cables made from an Alloy 825 can survive fires above 1350°C and protect systems like Emergency Lighting Wiring, Fire Zone Area Wiring and Fire Pump & Emergency Equipment Wiring in places like petro-chemical refineries.

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