Ultrasonic Welding Machine

New products in development include an Ultrasonic Welding machine designed to attach flexible wire strands to the conductors of MI Thermocouples.

Ultrasonics’ are good at this type of welding and have several advantages over traditional methods.

In comparison with electrical spot welding there is;

  1. No burning,
  2. No heat affected zone,
  3. No embrittlement
  4. And materials hard to weld electrically will readily weld ultrasonically.

In comparison with soldering there is;

  1. No flux residue
  2. No flame required so the weld can be much closer to the wire insulation.

The new design will weld both conductors to their respective flex wires in one operation which will improve not only the quality and repeatability of the actual welds but will reduce the time needed for this operation.

View of the current range of MED products below;

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