Fire Survival Wiring

You're away on a family holiday arriving late in the evening after a long haul flight. The hotel is a city high rise building with 40 floors, your room is located on the 32nd floor. At 3am you are awoken by an alarm, but almost as quickly as it starts it stops... Do you think it was a false alarm and go back to sleep?, many people would. Or do you begin the evacuation process just in case?... Luckily however, moments later the lights go out, there is clearly a major issue, but then you smell smoke... Your only thought now is the safety of your family and escape, but with no power and a lot of smoke how easy is that going be?...

Mineral Insulated Fire Survival Cable is the only inorganic, no smoke, no burn, no toxic or irritant gas release cable on the market, as such it is the true fire survival cable in the World.

MICC Ltd are the Global leader in manufacturing the world’s largest range of mineral insulated cables, we have a heritage of over 85 years. Using the unique seamless tube manufacturing process previously developed in the 1930s by BICC. We are specialists in hazardous areas and protection along with being a primary supplier to the nuclear industry since the 1st generation in the 1950’s. We are truly a Global business providing worldwide customer service. 

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