MICC USA - AWG Sized Cables

MICC Group are happy to announce we will soon be launching our AWG range of MI Cables in North America. 

MICC Group will then be able to supply both Metric and Imperial size mineral insulated cable across the world. 

We are currently undergoing the proccess of gaining UL Approval for our MI Cable Range. UL approval is, of course, the toughest fire cable test a cable can go through. 


UL Public Notice Released the following Statement on September 12, 2012 UL Logo

“UL has recently conducted research on a wide array of current products and systems originally certified under UL 2196, Tests for Fire Resistive Cables and ULCS139, Standard Method of Fire Test for Evaluation of Integrity of Electrical Cables and determined that they no longer consistently achieve a two-hour fire-resistive rating when subjected to the standard Fire Endurance Test of UL2196 or ULC-S139. Consequently, UL and ULC will not be able to offer certification to the currently existing program related to these standards. As a result, manufacturers are no longer authorized to place the UL mark or ULC mark on the following products:

  • UL Classified Fire Resistive Cable (FHJR)
  • ULC Listed Fire Resistant Cable (FHJRC)
  • UL Listed cable with “-CI” suffix (Circuit Integrity)

Furthermore, UL has removed from its certification directory all Electrical Circuit Protective Systems (FHIT) constructed with Fire Resistive Cable”

You can read more about MI vs Soft Skinned Fire Resistant Cables here.


The UL approved AWG range will of course be supplied mainly to the North American regions, however the fact our MICC Group, seamless MI Cable will pass the UL 2196 fire test will only solidify it's reputation as the best possible solution in regards to a fire rated cable. 

As well as offering engineering advice and designs, MICC Group will also be able to supply the full range of accessories, tools and installation services to be able to manage a total turn-key solution for our customer. 

More details to follow soon... 




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