What is MICC Cable?

Seamless Tube Mineral Insulated Cable is without question the ultimate fire survival electrical cable system.

MI cable is composed of inorganic materials – the copper conductor or conductors, highly compressed magnesium oxide insulation (MgO), and the copper or Alloy 825 Sheath.
As stated in the IEC228 standard, the melting point of the copper conductor and sheath is 1083°C. The melting point of the high purity MgO is 2800°C. MI Cable will continue to function reliably in environmental temperatures up to 1000°C. This is the unique ability of MI wiring cable.
MI Cable is a stand-alone product that contains no polymer, uses no zinc and does not require conduit protection. It is unaffected by the issues associated with cable-in-conduit systems and there have been no changes to the product that has consistently met the requirements for a two-hour fire-resistive system when tested to UL 2196 and ULC–S139.
Our Seamless tube manufacturing technique which ensures a totally flawless solution
We can also serve the outer of the MI cable with an LSF sheath to your colour requirements as needed. 

Mineral Insulated Copper Wiring Cables

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