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MICC actively campaigns for improvements in building safety and International fireproof cable standards. We have a wide range of technical whitepapers, presentations, and videos to support Governments, Consultants, End Users and any organisation concerned by the gaps in certifications and regulations highlighted by the many recent fire disasters around the Globe.

We have supplied MI Fire Survival Cable all over the world and across numerous different applications. For further examples please check our Applications and References page (link to applications and references).

We believe that standards often do not reflect these “Real World” conditions and as such often plastic cables are used which ‘pass the standards’ but are simply not fit for purpose when the Required Safe Evacuation Time is longer than 10 minutes.

Our standard presentations and whitepapers are provided below, however, our representatives are happy to support you specifically on your project anywhere in the World, please contact us to discuss how we can help.


MICC Fire Survival Technical Cable Facts Presentation

MICC Fire Survival Technical Cable Termination Presentation


Are Electric Cables my biggest Fire Risk

Electric Cables in Tunnels

BS5839-1 2002 Fire Protection in Public Buildings

Electric Cables Fire Performance White Paper

Electrical cables - Life Span... Its not what you think - White Paper

Fire Resistant Cables White Paper

Wiring Systems for Hospitals White Paper

Wiring Systems for Nuclear PowerStations - White Paper


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