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Key Facts of MI Fire-Survival Wiring cable

Bare MI cable is an inorganic cable construction: completely eliminating the production of smoke and toxic gas.

MICC fireproof cable consists of a copper conductor, magnesium oxide mineral insulating materials and a seamless copper sheath.

It can survive for over 3 hours in the temperatures up to 950℃.

It can perform safely for long periods (>2 years) at temperatures up to 250℃.

The cable itself can run at 105℃(in no-touch environment).

The cable can carry high current short circuit loads without damage for long periods of time.

Excellent performance of anti-nuclear radiation and shielding.

Only Mineral Insulated Cable will pass the UL 2196 standard.

If used correctly it will last a life time!

Understanding Cable Referencing

Cable type referencing is relatively straight forward;

  • Bare cable = CC
  • LSF covered = CCM
  • 2= Number of conductors
  • L= Light Duty 500v
  • H= Heavy Duty 750v
  • 1.5= Cross sectional area of conductors

So a 2 core, 1.5sqmm, 500v, LSF cable would be CCM2L1.5

Cable Structure


Copper –Melting point 1083℃ (copper sheath cable)
Nickel clad copper –Ni melting point 1427℃ (Alloy 825 sheath)

Magnesium oxide insulating layer
High temperature ceramic +2800 ℃
Excellent electrical insulation qualities

Sheath options
Copper -1083℃
Alloy 825 –tested to 1095℃for 30mins (Alloy 825 melting point 1399 ℃)


MICC Fire-Survival Wiring Cable Datasheet

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MICC Fire-Survival Wiring Cable Lenght Guide

Download our 2018 cable length guide here


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