What is MICC Cable?

  • Mineral Insulated Cable is without question the ultimate fire survival electrical cable system
  • It comes in two forms;
    • Copper sheath (Survives for 3hrs+ @ 1050°)
    • Alloy 825 sheath (Survives for 2hrs+ @ 1200°)
  • It provides proven upto 3 hour escape time in ‘Real World’ fire conditions
  • It’s the only electric cable to pass BS6387 ‘Enhanced’ which specifies only one cable for all 3 tests allowed
  • The only electric cable to pass modern furnace tests – i.e. German standard ISO834-1, test DIN 4102 1000°C 90mins
  • The only cable technology approved & listed by UL2196 for ‘unrestricted installation’

Mineral Insulated Copper Wiring Cables

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