Trace Heating

MICC Group have established an enviable reputation for our heat tracing solutions within the industrial and commercial sectors. Our ability to hand complete electric trace heating projects effectively and efficiently is becoming more and more in demand.

We provide our clients with;


Service and Support

In-House manufacture of MI heating cables and pre-terminated units; Single and twin-core. Copper, cupronickel, stainless steel, alloy-825 and 600 sheaths;

World’s largest Mineral Insulated Cable productionCapacity;

• With over 85 years manufacturing experience

• Maintain temperatures from 0°C up to 1000ºC

Full EPC design capability;

• High corrosion resistance using inorganic materials

• Maximum productivity via the best value solution

• High performance, extremely durable and reliable

• Intelligent design to optimize operating costs

Complete range of supporting products and accessories;

• Powerful monitoring for pre-emptive maintenance

• Self regulating and constant watt cables

Only supply class leading, time proven products

• Junction boxes and ancillary connection equipment

World-Wide manufacturing and support

• Be-spoke control panels, modular control system, single circuit to multi-circuit control and monitoring

Specialists in high performance CSP trace heating

Control and monitoring systems, including SkyTrace!

World leading control systems



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