Fresnel Reflector CSP

Fresnel reflectors are much cheaper than parabolic reflectors and as they are flat they allow more reflective surface in the same amount of space than a parabolic reflector, thus capturing more of the available sunlight. These mirrors can concentrate the sun's energy to approximately 30 times its normal intensity. They are made of many thin, flat mirror strips to concentrate sunlight onto tubes through which working fluid is pumped.


Fresnel reflectors are sometimes regarded as a technology with a worse output than other methods. The cost efficiency of this model is what causes some to use this instead of others with higher output ratings. Some new models of Fresnel Reflectors with Ray Tracing capabilities have begun to be tested and have initially proved to yield higher output than the standard version.

This concentrated energy is again transferred through the absorber into a thermal heat transfer fluid (as usual oil or salt are most popular). The fluid then goes through a heat exchanger to power a steam generator.

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