Heat Tracing EPC Introduction

We have specialised design, manufacture and installation experience on a wide range of Electrical Trace Heating applications.

Typical examples are raise or maintain temperature or frost protection on pipelines and fittings, tanks / vessels, instrument, equipment, pumps and valves, cryogenic tank bottom, mobile tank container, fire sprinkler system, rail, rock crushers, car park access ramps, even helicopter pads & submarine power systems.

We can supply the following products and regulary on these applications;

Types of Heating Products

Common Applications

Self-regulating heat-tracing cables

Parallel constant wattage cables

Resistance heating cables

Series mineral insulated heating cables

Skin effect electric heating system

Measurement & Control system

Concentrated Solar Power Plants Mineral Insulated heating system

CSP molten salts tank heating system

Cryogenic LNG tank bottom heating system

Mobile tank container heating system

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