Measurement and control

MICC partner with Planray Ltd in Finland for World leading trace heating control and engineering. Having started its operation in 1992, they have exceptional experience in a wide range of applications across the Globe.

We can offer control and monitoring products and solution to both meet commercial and technical requirements

From simple thermostatic control to PC software based solutions

Bespoke control panel manufacturing to suit every plant need


Key Features

  • Control thousands of heating circuits
  • Customizable features and panels
  • EMR and SSR switching options
  • Integrates to automation system
  • Measure load and leakage current
  • ATEX heating
  • 3 user interfaces
       > ChD-Handheld tool
       > ChPanel-Touch screen
       > SkyTrace-Software

Key Benefits

  • Circuit condition monitoring
  • Energy saving
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Easier engineering
  • Management of large heating systems
  • Monitoring software with whole factory process planing
  • Proactive maintenance routines

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