Mineral Insulated Cables

MICC Mineral insulated (MI) series heating systems are particularly suitable for heating applications where high power output, high exposure temperatures, or extreme resistance to environmental corrosives is needed (Alloy 825).

MI heating systems provide the most reliable solutions for temperatures of up to 1000℃.

They are your reliable solution for frost protection, temperature maintenance and generation of process temperatures up to 700℃.

Mineral insulated heating cables are suitable for heating of pipes, vessels, flanges and valves and many other applications in both hazardous and non-hazardous area applications.



MI heating cables come with a seamless outer jacket made from Copper, Cupro-nickel, Stainless Steel, Inconel or Alloy.

The insulation of the inner heating conductor is embedded in magnesium oxide. A wide range of resistances ensures the termination of a multitude of heating cable lengths with various outputs and nominal voltages.

Our heating cables are suitable from short up to very long heating circuits.


Advantages of Mineral Insulated Cables

  • Single and dual core series heating resistance cable, magnesium oxide mineral insulated, metal sheath
  • High strength
  • Heating resistance cable resistance (ohms/m) determines the power output per unit length.
  • Output power constant, independent of temperature variations.
  • Maximum working voltage up to 750V.
  • Output power up to 300W/m (typical max).
  • Highest maintain temperature up to 800 ℃.
  • Maximum exposure temperature up to 1000 ℃.
  • Hot and cold end fittings are usually prefabricated in the factory

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