“Trace heating meets Industrial Internet“

SkyTrace is a combination of the below data caputure techniques and extensive trace heating know-how.

SkyTrace is monitoring, control and analysis software for industrial trace heating.

Cloud computing +

Big data analysis +

M2M communication +

Mobile user interfaces +

Solid trace heating expertise =



SkyTrace comes in two modules: Site and Cloud;

SkyTrace Site’ is a server that is located in the factory network

It monitors and controls the heating system safely inside the firewalls

SkyTrace Cloud’ is an optional service that can be activated on top of SkyTrace Site

Site server uploads measurements to Cloud in a secured and one-way channel

The SkyTrace Cloud analyses the measurements and generates reports that can be used to improve energy efficiency and proactive maintenance

SkyTrace Site benefits;

  • Easy operation = operator labour cost savings
  • Automatic condition monitoring = labour cost savings of the manual heating circuit inspection
  • Enables extremely fast reactive maintenance

SkyTrace Cloud benefits;

  • Proactive maintenance analysis
  • Energy optimization analysis
  • Alarm analysis
  1. Heating cable performance analysis
  2. Avoid process downtime
  3. Find hidden kWh costs and save €€€
  4. Identify and solve mysterious problems
  5. Confirm cable quality and schedule change

Proactive maintenance analysis measures leakage current and forecasts malfunctions

Energy analysis measure temperatures and load current and spots points of excess consumption

Alarm analysis helps to find the root causes of those nasty alarms that keep up appearing into the alarm list from time to time. The problem is known as alarm list swamping. When you quit caring about these frequent nuisance alarms, you start compromising the reliability. This is where alarm analysis comes in handy.

Heating cable performance analysis measures temperatures and load current to verify the power output of the cable. If the cable is damaged or old, it will need to be replaced.


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