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Basic 18Cr-8%Ni austenitic stainless steel. Does not rust and is useable up to about 800°C without excessive oxidation or loss of strength. Does not embrittle at sub-zero temps. Normally non- magnetic. Contains up tp 0.08% carbon therefore subject to sensitisation and ‘weld decay’ - corrosion after heating to about 650°C as would usually occur in the heat affected zone adjacent to a weld.


Same as 304 except that carbon is reduced to under 0.03% max., therefore is immune to sensitisation and weld decay. 


Both types are extremely popular in the food and dairy industries and for use in pharmaceutical equipment. It is exceedingly useful in applications where good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance are essential. It is highly desirable for products such as instrumentation where non-magnetism is fundamental. These grades are available in a wide range of forms and finishes.

Corrosion Resistance

Types 302, 304 and 304L exhibit good corrosion resistant qualities, particularly those corro­sions caused by atmospheric conditions or chemicals. They lose some resistance at temper­atures of about 400° C. to 815° F. due to carbide precipitation. Type 304L however, has excellent corrosion resistant capabilities within this temperature range because of its low carbon content. Maximum corrosion resistance in all these grades can be achieved by annealing.

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