30 Year System Warranty

MICC manufactured MI seamless sheathed Wiring Cables are constructed to surpass the lifetime of the building/installation.

As such we are so confident in the quality and durability of our product that we will offer a 30 Year warranty on any Fire Survival Wiring project at no extra charge. This covers any of our UK, China or USA factories.

To qualify for the extended warranty, we ask that clients exclusively use MICC Group Cable and Accessories. We also ask that the design and installation was carried out by experienced, qualified professionals and that we test the installation as specified in our installation guide. MICC will ask for evidence during any claim.

This warranty will cover the integrity of the cabling system and MICC Group undertakes to repair or replace any defective cable or accessories during the warranty. Full details are included in the 30-year system warranty registration form. 

UK Factory Warranty

China Factory Warranty

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