Non Ageing MI Cable

There is one cable technology that has been available and widely used for over 80 years and which is effectively non aging. MICC cable with its copper outer jacket, inorganic magnesium oxide insulation and copper conductors will not age like polymers do with heat. They will withstand repeated overload and short circuit events without degradation. They are unaffected by sunlight, UV, Ozone and resist many chemicals. The copper jacket and Magnesium Oxide insulation are particularly resistant to radiation.

For this reason, Mineral Insulated Cables are often used in critical applications, for high or continuous loading and for essential safety circuits in the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical hazard industries. MICC cables are frequently used in projects with long design lives of 60 years or more and are used regularly in many historic buildings as they are non-ageing, never need replacing and are architecturally compatible in visible locations. The cable is also approved for use in all Hazardous locations.

The fact is that almost everything will change over time and that rate of change is often highly dependent on the environment. Organic based electric cable insulations are particularly subject change.

Electric cables with organic polymer insulations have a useful design life span under specific conditions but unlike many other components, electric cables remain the fundamental arteries or nerve connections that enable every other active component to work. Because electric cables are ‘embedded’ often it is difficult and expensive to replace them, as such electric cables should ideally provide a reliable service life equal to or better than the equipment connected and often aligned with the project design life.

Being inorganic, MICC cables are totally flame retardant. As they have no fuel element to propagate a fire they simply cannot spread flame. For the same reason, MICC cannot generate any smoke, corrosive halogen or toxic gases when subjected to high heating or fire, including the non-halogen toxic gases like CO and CO2.
MICC cables are also mechanically stronger than any other cable design and in all operating or emergency conditions. They do not soften when exposed to high temperatures, are crush, impact and cut through resistant. They require no conduit for mechanical protection and termites or rodents cannot eat through the outer sheath of bare MICC cables as they do for served Steel Wire Armored cables.

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Another important feature of MICC cables is the compacted Magnesium Oxide insulation fully internally seals the cable eliminating any migration of toxic radioactive gasses, bio-hazard or chemical hazards along the inside the cable. For this reason MICC cables are also ideal for pressurized environments.

No other cable design today can guarantee the same electrical, mechanical and environmental performance of MICC cable or provide the same level of overall fire safety, integrity and security throughout the full design life of the project. MICC cables are both water and oil proof, have greater current ratings with smaller diameters and need fewer fittings compared to other cable deigns. They are radiation resistant and are ideal for use in Nuclear, Bio-hazard, Chem-hazard and in cryogenic environments.

Mineral Insulated Cables with copper or special metal alloys are capable of meeting all known Fire Propagation, Flame and Oven circuit integrity tests. The cable technology provides a guaranteed Fire Proof wiring system which is not only 100% flame retardant but 100% Halogen free, 100% smoke free, 100% toxic emission free with zero organic content. Because MICC has no fuel element it contributes no heat of combustion, causes no oxygen depletion and no contribution to temperature rise. They are also inherently non-aging so will work reliably when you need them, whether this is on the 1st day or the last day of the project life cycle. 


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