MICC Group Project References 

We have supplied MI Cable all over the world. Mineral Insulated Wiring Cable is recognised as the number one solution worldwide in terms of fire survival cable. 

Some notable references for MICC Group include:


Nuclear and Power Projects

UK Heysham Nuclear Power Plant


·       UK Torness Nuclear Power Plant

·       UK Dounreay Nuclear Power Plant

·       UK Hinckley Nuclear Power Plant

·       UK Hartlepool Nuclear Power Plant

·       UK Dungeness Nuclear Power Plant

·       China Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant

·       China Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant

·       China Yangjiang Nuclear Power Station

·       China Changjiang Nuclear Power Station

·       UK Drax power station

·       Qatar Ras Abu Fontas Power station 

·       India Trombay Thermal Power Station

·       Japan Tockai Marn power station

·       India Sagardighi Thermal Power Project


Prestige Projects/cms-files/MI_Cable_Houses_of_Parliament.jpg

·       UK Houses of Parliament

·       Ocean Building Singapore

·       Times Square Hong Kong

·       Kingkey Finance Centre Plaza


·       Marco Polo Singapore Hotel

·       Kuwait University

·       Imbi Plaza Indonesia

·       Shanghai Tower China

·       Royal Station Hotel UK

·       Sheraton Hotel Qatar

·       Hilton Hotel China

·       National Bank Malaysia

Metro / Tunnel Projects/cms-files/MI_cable_metro_underground.png

·       Paris Metro

·       London Underground

·       Channel Tunnel

·       Tyne Tunnel UK

·       Singapore Metro

·       Taipei Metro Taiwan

·       Montreal Metro Canada

·       Kai Tuk Metro Hong Kong

·       Hangzhou Tunnel

·       Delhi Metro India

·       Bangalore Metro India

·       Rapid Metro Gurugram

·       Sydney Metro Northwest


·       Papworth-Huntingon UK

·       Teaching Hospital Hong Kon


·       Heathrow UK

·       Newcastle International Airport

·       Frankfurt International Airport

·       Charles De Gaulle International Airport

·       Changi International Airport

·       Shenzen Baoan International Airport

·       Kuwait International Airport

·       Dubai International Airport

·       Narita International Airport

·       Hong Kong International Airport

Middle East and India Specific Projects


India Projects/cms-files/MI_Cable_India_Middle_East.jpg

·       India Sagardighi Thermal Power Project

·       Bangalore Metro (Karnataka)

·       ESIC Gulbarga (Karnataka)

·       ILT Delhi

·       ILBS Hospital Delhi

·       Ranchi High Court (Jharkhand)

·       AIIMS Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)

·       Dr Oetkar Lab Bhiwadi (Rajasthan)

·       Dr Venketashwar Hospital (Delhi)

·       Mahagenco Power Plant (Maharashtra)

·       Mumbai Mantralaya (Maharashtra)

·       Multilevel Car Parking Noida (U.P.)


Dubai Projects

·       Several ADNOC Maintenance Projects

·       Several ADNOC Maintenance and Filling Stations

·       Several ENOC Maintenance and Filling Stations

·       DEWA – Firefighting system of DFO and MFO Oil Tanks at DEWA E Station

·       Etihad Dope Store Project


Qatar Projects

·       Radiant Engineering Enterprises – Khalifa Bin Al Atiya Mosque Al Hamoudi Villa Umm Garan

·       Al Khayyat Contracting & Trading – LRD Main Office

·       Structure Qatar WLL – Merqab Mall

·       HBK Engineering

·       Al Ajjaj Limted Company – Kahramma Project

·       Qatar Power Construction – Kahramma GTC666

·       Construction Development Company – Aspire Academy Expansion at Aspire Zone

·       Marsa Arabia Resort Project


Kuwait Projects/cms-files/MI_Cable_Kuwait.jpg

·       Kuwait University – Kharafi National/  SSH

·       Ministry of Awqaf –Gulf Engineering/ KTPC

·       Kuwait International Airport Admin Building – Dar Al- Handasah / Jasmin Quabazzard

·       Doha East and West Power Stations

·       Jahra Hospitals – General Group / PACE

·       Infrastructure facilities for Eurofighter Typhoon at Ali Al Salem Air Force Base - Dar Al Handasa

·       Criminal Investigation Building - SSH Consultant and MPW( Ministry of Public Works)

·       LIGHT WEAPON AMMUNITION  FACTORY BUILDING -  Dar Al Jazeera -  MOD ( Ministry of Defense )

·       Ali Al Salem Air Force Base - Dar Al Handasa

·       Criminal Investigation Building Project - SSH Consultant  nd MPW( Ministry of Public Works )

·       NATIONAL SECURITY PROJECT – MPW (Ministry of Public Works)

·       Light Weapon - Military of Defence - Dar Al Jazeera - and MOD ( Ministry of Defence)

·       Eastern Car Park for Ministry of Finance - Ggulf Consultant - Combiend Group

·       National security project - MPW( Ministry of Public Works )

·       Kazma Camp - SSH Consultant -  Kuwait National Guard Kazma Camp

·       KOC Mega Complex Project - Ali Alghanim & Sons

·       Doha SWRO Desalination Plant - MEW- Substations





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