The Construction Industry

We have a long history as MICC and BICC of supplying both the commercial and industrial construction industries. From the 1930’s BICC were manufacturing and installing the same seamless tube Mineral Insulated Fire Survival Cable as we make today in Churches across the UK… much of it is still working today!

In the 1940’s the first BICC plant built on the River Tyne manufactured MI cable for war ships – specifically anti-mine applications.

In the 1950s it was further developed as a wiring, heating and thermocouple cable for the Nuclear Industry.

MI cables are still the only non-ageing fireproof and heat tracing cables and designed to transmit heat from the conductor to sheath.

The construction industry represents a unique challenge in terms of promoting our fireproof and heating cable products. To ensure our products are used correctly we work at all levels of the supply chain. This helps end users ensure they get the right product at the highest quality but also the best life time cost!

Please review the following pages on how we can specifically help each part of the construction supply chain;

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