When it comes to the actual construction of a building then the contractors employed are on the front line. Their knowledge and experience are vital to ensure the end users dream and the consultant's plan are realised in the desired way.

However it is rarely a straight forward task, even the best-laid plans can need a little tweaking to ensure they work. The critical thing here though is the consultant, designer or architects and contractors are on the same page. If the contractor doesn’t know what a specified standard or product is they may not know how to use it correctly or where to even source it from. Sometimes what is not understood is feared and contractors rightly will do all they can to ensure they complete their part of the construction in the shortest time to the lowest possible cost.

It is vital then that contractors know as much as possible about current standards and where the relevant products fit in with them. Then they must know how to work with them properly to ensure there are no delays on site which could delay the project and increase its cost.

MICC Ltd understands how important contractors are and also hold training seminars with them regularly around the World to advise and demonstrate how Mineral Insulated Cables work, and how they should be used correctly to make installation quick and easy.

Please contact us to arrange a seminar at your office, or leave your details so we can invite you to our next training seminar in your area. Let us help you make the right choice.

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