Why Take the Risk?

When it comes to smoke

Cables which emit NO smoke will provide significantly improved evacuation speed and aid saving more lives!

About temperature rise and Oxygen depletion

Cables with NO calorific value which have a ZERO heat of combustion per Kg will eat NO oxygen and generate NO heat will aid saving more lives!

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Concerning toxic and irritant gasses

Cables with NO organic content, NO calorific values and Halogen Free will generate NO toxic or irritant gasses at all including Carbon Monoxide WILL aid saving more lives!

(Statistically CO is responsible for >90% of toxicity deaths in fires)

So what do we do now ?

Soft skin fire resistant cables are not bad cables… 

They just don’t give the performance they claim to. We need to review the application and understand the limits of the current standards, this will allow the right product to be specified for the right application!

High Rise Hospital

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