Coal Fired Power References

Coal Fired Power

We have vast experience of working in Coal. Whilst Coal Fired power plants are less popular these days there are still, many countries relying on their output using local coal collection.


Condensation in the pulverised coal silo’s would not enter the flame source without the installation of MI heating units to prevent blockage. Similarly, the steam lines have to be protected. 

 We have managed Turn-Key heating solutions on the following projects: 

·       Fujian Huadian Shaowu

·       Shenhua Baoqing

·       Datong Coal Mine Yanggao

·       Zouping Power Plant Phase III

·       Jiangsu Huadian

·       Jinneng Lishi Datuhe

·       Huaneng Changxing Power Plant

·       Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Yulin
Refinery Plant

·       Jiangsu Huadian Kunshan

·       Zouping Power Plant Phase

·       China Huaneng Jinling Power Plant

·       Tongshan CR Power

·       Anhui Huaibei Pingshan Power Plant

·       Shenhua Guohua Zhoushan Power Plant

·       Gas turbine Combined Heat and Power Generation Plant

·       Huainan Tianji Power Generation Station

·       Taizhou Power Plant

·       China Huadian YuHeng Power Generation

·       Zhejiang Energy Taizhou Power
Generation Station

·       Shenergy LinGang Gas Power Station

·       Anhui Wuwei

·       Tianjin Beijiang 4x1000MW Ultra

·       Ningxia Yuanyang Hu Power Plant Phase 1

·       Wujing
Thermal Power Plant


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