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CSP is an exciting and growing market which could account for up to 25% of the world's energy needs by 2050. 

Electric Trace Heating is critical to prevent freezing of molten salts (60% sodium nitrate and 40% potassium nitrate, from 207°C), Heat Transfer Fluid (Biphenyl ether mixture, from 12.3°C), synthetic oil (15°C) and water & condensates (0°C). As such Trace Heating is vital to the Thermal Energy and Heat Transfer System as well as the Balance of Plant. If the materials in pipes, flanges etc. are not heated and the liquids solidify, the plant will be forced to stop creating significant down-time and cost to repair.

Our trace heating units have been used all over the world to turn electrical energy into heat and to compensate the heat losses from the pipe to the colder ambient temperature.

The operation temperature in CSP applications is up to 560°C, and as such only one type of Heating Cable can be used: Mineral Insulated Cable.

We manufacture our own Mineral Insulated Cables and as such can offer total traceability in the configuration of our Heating Units to ensure the most reliable quality.

There are numerous companies who say they are experts but if they do not manufacture the Heating Units, how can they guarantee the quality of the solution? 

We have seen what can go wrong on numerous CSP projects all over the world when the Trace Heating solution is not designed, installed or controlled properly. Why take the risk?

We have considerable experience working on Trace Heating projects in CSP as referenced here.

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