The Nuclear Industry

Nuclear power plants of today require some form of process heating to keep various process fluids moving in their associated systems and thus render the plants operational.

Such applications of process heating include the following:

  • Heating to prevent borated water from dropping below its crystallization temperature,
  • Heating to prevent caustic solutions from dropping below their crystallization temperatures,
  • Heating to prevent outdoor service water systems from freezing during cold weather (if applicable).
  • Preheating of pipes prior to trading with HT steam

Mineral insulated (MI) electric trace heating systems are being used in all of the above-listed applications. It is felt that the use of MI electric trace heating systems will be beneficial due to their durability, long life, and relatively maintenance-free operation. Mineral Insulated cables are also naturally radiation proof.

Mineral insulated heating units provide constant heat over the lifetime of the emergency cooling system to the reactor.

Trace Heating

The temperature maintenance needs can vary considerably as such a designer who can utilise the full range of Heating Units available to them as well as the experience to create an economic system which lasts the lifetime of a project will provide tangible value. MICC Group can provide this.

Our products are built from the ground up to perform in some of the harshest environments on Earth, from the freezing temperatures of Northern Europe to the scorching sun of the Middle Eastern deserts.

We specialise in hazardous areas and offer services in design, manufacture and installation.

The design of an appropriate heating cable or tape is important as in today’s market there is a strong emphasis on energy consumption and temperature monitoring. MICC provide a sophisticated, cloud based, control and monitoring system providing the owner with a full history of power consumption and preventive maintenance.

We manufacture our own Cables and as such can offer total traceability in the configuration of our Heating Units to ensure the most reliable quality.

We have seen what can go wrong on numerous projects all over the world when the Trace Heating solution is not designed, installed or controlled properly. Why take the risk?

We have considerable experience working on Trace Heating projects in Nuclear Power as referenced here.

Our heat tracing design engineers are vastly experienced, why not try us out?

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