Design Consideration to Raise/Maintain Temperatures

We can design Trace Heating solutions to either Raise or Maintain temperatures of materials. Below is the information we would need from you to design such a solution:

Engineering - 'Maintain' Design Considerations

  • Minimum ambient temperature
  • The maintaining the temperature medium
  • The cable exposure temperature
  • Pipe diameter and length or diameter of the tank and height (surface area)
  • Insulation Materials –type, thickness and thermal conductivity
  • Operating Voltage
  • Environment: Hazardous area? If hazardous T rating? Corrosive? Outside/Inside?
  • Mechanical –valves, flanges, supports

Engineering - 'Raise' Design Considerations

  • As for maintain design but also must consider the following;
  • Desired time in which to raise a temperature
  • Starting temperature
  • Desired process temperature
  • Material in vessel/pipe, it’s density and specific heat capacity

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