We are the largest manufacturer of Mineral Insulated Cables in the World.

As the independent manufacturer of our Trace Heating Systems we offer full traceability and accountability for our heating units, which is vital in ensuring the quality of the composition of the cable is suitable for working conditions. This means we do not ‘mark-up’ our solution or have any bias in our manufacturing or technology choices.

MI Cable Furnace MI Cable MgO Blocks

Furthermore as we have manufacturing plants on three continents, we are able to meet local standards and approvals to satisfy any project demand in a swift and cost effective manner.

No other company has this scope.

We have all the relevant approvals proving our reliability and further to this we will test every unit we make through water immersion and a high voltage test to ensure quality.

MI Cable Bath Wash MI Cable Test

 Our heat tracing design engineers are vastly experienced, why not try us out?

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