Special Thermocouple Assemblies

As well as In-House MI Thermocouple units MICC Ltd have the facilities to manufacture advanced thermocouple assemblies using a variety of specialised engineering techniques.

Complex machined components can be fitted, fused or welded in place or attached to MI or non MI thermocouples. In particular aerospace looms and rakes, gas turbine assemblies, Thermowells and flanged thermocouples.

Small welded assemblies are also accommodated using micro welding techniques, micro plasma and vacuum brazing.

We can help you via the following range of products;

MI Metal sheathed Thermocouples with Thermowells;

Thermocouples with Thermowells hard faced by Stellite coating or Boron diffusion for high velocity Fluids or abrasive fluids used in catalytic reactors.

Thermocouples/RTD's with Thermowells in Tungsten Carbide for Coal and air service.

Skin thermocouples for SH, RH and drum metal temperature measurement;

  • Downloads - Series 100

Multipoint Reactor thermocouples;

  • Downloads - Series 900

Assemblies for Heater Tube Skin Temperature;

  • Downloads - Series 800

Thermowells with Stellite tip welded to shank for advanced abrasion resistance.

Mineral Insulated Thermowell

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