Temperature Measurement

If your business requires the management of heat in its manufacturing process then temperature monitoring and control will probably be high on your agenda.

MICC are specialists in heat management and we would offer our services in the areas of design, supply and installation. We provide a wide range of temperature related, products and services alongside our core activity of design, manufacture and supply of type MI thermocouple/sensor cables and probes.

We are an established and approved supplier to a range of industries including the Nuclear & Power Generation, Iron & Steel, and the Aerospace industries.

We are solution provider and manufacture a range of bespoke thermocouples, RTDs, harnesses and probes for use in complex high temperature situations.

We spend a great deal of time on new product development and have a special cell at our factory to focus on this category of work.

All our products are made in accordance with former BICC designs, specifications and we operate a typical common referencing system. Our workforce comprises former BICC Senior Managers and technicians offering a wealth of experience in cable making and temperature application knowledge.

We manufacture the widest range of mineral insulated cable sheath materials available, if what you need isn’t standard we can look at virtually any metal you need via our in-house metallurgist.

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Mineral Insulated Thermocouple

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