Tip Clearance

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MICC Group can provide all aspects of Tip Clearance Measurements for intermittent targets, such as turbine fan blades, compressor blades and impellors in Micro-Turbines.

Our miCap system consists of:


  • Fully Triaxial (Cable and Probe)
  • Each rugged sensor individually designed to suit the specific application application
  • Proven operating up to 1400°C, higher temperatures in development
  • We manufacture cable & probes so can optimise the design of both to suit each application
  • CFD analysis used to optimise cooling design (see below)



  • Up to 25m cable length available due to advanced electronics
  • Industry high bandwidth
  • Industry low noise

Data Acquisition:

  • Up to 100MHz simultaneous sampling
  • Can be scaled with upgrade cards – 1 DAQ can host 4 Electronics modules (16 channels)
  • Auto-tune available for simple system setup


  • Software & GUI designed and maintained by a leading industrial control software programmer
  • Capable of ‘simple’ monitoring & traffic light system with alarms
  • Upgrades available allowing full vibration analysis report generation
  • Unique advance A.I. Artificial Neural Network Module can display real time blade vibration mode shapes in an easy to diagnose GUI
  • Simple data export to .csv file

Software GUI


CSV Export

Design & Development:

MICC can offer remote and on site global support from our experienced engineers. It is available from the first stages of enquiry, designing the sensor head type, performing blade analysis, and determining sensor numbers and locations, in order to select the most suitable product for the customer specific application. Our objective is to supply a product that is capable of performing as required to meet the customer’s needs.

We are developing the use of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) to classify turbomachinery blade mode shapes, outputting a live image of the blade into our software. 

Read the white paper here.


Site installation support and training is available as standard.

After-Sales Support:

Our support continues post installation, this includes data analysis assistance and ongoing general system-wide support. Our worldwide offices can offer local support wherever the installation is situated across the globe.

MICC can provide a suitable quotation for price and delivery of an industry proven (reports available) high and low temperature Blade Tip Clearance Measurement system.

We are happy to help with anything from single probes up to a multi channel measurement system.

Please complete the enquiry form attached and return to sales@miccltd.com and one of our team will provide a quotation

Portable Demonstration Rig:

Our demonstration rig is available for global visits, to show our probes, electronics, DAQ and software in action.

We have the facilities in place to host live demonstrations online, click here to arrange a Teams/Zoom live demo!

Portable RigRig

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