After the End Users / Building Owners have decided to start a project very early on they appoint a design consultant. This may be a direct approach or for large scale projects may be in the form of a tender where a consortium of companies might win a package of work within the budget set by the client.

Design Consultants

The key thing to note here is that the end users will look to the consultants for advice and expertise in what standards need to be employed in the building construction. Savvy end users may already have an idea of what they want but generally, their consulting partners will design the building based on their knowledge and experience, ensuring the building fits their client’s requirements.

With this in mind, it is vital that consultants know as much as possible about the potential life-saving systems they are recommending to be used in the building. So how do they gain this knowledge?...

It may be a mixture of some or all of the following; past experience, current local or international standards, product research and education / other training.

When looking specifically at the choices made for the Fireproof cabling in a modern building two important factors are usually considered; how long must the circuit work for and what standard must the product meet.

Once the egress time is decided, usually upwards of one hour to ensure the building users have time to escape with the lifesaving circuits still operational, a suitable standard is called for to ensure the products used fit for purpose.

It is of course not the consultants' job to test the products themselves to give them and their client the peace of mind that they will do the job intended… The problem is the standards cannot always be 100% trusted to confirm the performance a product in question. Standard committees will only guarantee product performance based on the specific laboratory tests employed, they also usually have small print which must be understood before placing full trust in them. And finally, they say it is up to the Consultant to still make the right choice as they only provide a minimum guideline of potential performance.

This leaves consultants and indeed end users in a very difficult position, are they really expected then to conduct their own tests to ensure the products specified will perform the jobs intended? Well in the past this has been what has been needed to ensure the best / right products are installed… for example, the Kings Cross underground fire in 1987 where 27 people lost their lives. After this fire the London Underground developed their own test for fire performance cables known as BS6387 enhanced, the only cable to pass this test for a long time was MICC fire survival cables.

MICC Ltd works around the World to educate and consult on the proper use of fireproof cables. Using tried and tested methodologies and research we bridge the gap between real-world performance and current international standards.

Our training and consultation is free and simply designed to help save lives in the event of a fire or other serious event where a higher performing cable is required, for example, risk of terrorist attack.

Please contact us to arrange a seminar at your office, or leave your details so we can invite you to our next training seminar in your area. Let us help you make the right choice.

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