End Users

When it comes to who has the ultimate responsibility for the safety of the people who will eventually use a new building the end users/owners must surely take on this mantle.

Why? Because they or the building in their building will be the ones who in the event of a disaster or major emergency like a large scale fire will be the first to face the trauma of it.

It’s their staff, tenants, guests, visitors, commuters, patients and even perhaps pupils that will experience things first hand and will rightly expect the building to have the very best lifesaving systems…. Regardless of cost the alarm, emergency lighting, ventilation, access, firefighting and suppression systems etc must do the job they are required to do… they simply must work!

Of course, the cost is a major influencer in all construction projects around the World but before the cost of a build comes the reason to build or job the building must succeed in doing. So it stands to reason that any product to be used in the building during or after construction needs the same approach… i.e. a simple method or thought process like the following is needed;

  1. What does it need to do? Tick
  2. Can it do it?
  3. How much will it cost?
  4. When can we get it?
  5. Etc

There is clearly no use in reviewing products from the cost only angle. If it doesn’t work then it doesn’t matter what the price is, it just shouldn’t be used!

It is however unfair of course to give all the responsibility the end users/owners of the buildings, they trust the people they employ to help them design and build their project to the highest possible specification.

Owners and end users also must trust the governing bodies and standards associations to provide adequate tests to ensure the products used will perform the job they are required to do.

They must also trust the manufacturers to market their products correctly and truthfully, especially when it comes to potential life-saving equipment and technology.

Sadly the last two points cannot be guaranteed.

MICC Ltd provides a voice for the Mineral Insulated Cable Industry. In the Fire Survival Wiring section of our website, you will find open, honest and factual information concerning the performance of our MI cables in a real fire… the only one that matters.

Well before the sales process begins we offer free training and consultation, our aim is to make buildings around the World safer by advising on where MI fireproof cables should be used. The information we give is fact-based and backed up by industry experience and research.

Please contact us to arrange a seminar at your office, or leave your details so we can invite you to our next training seminar in your area. Let us help you make the right choice.

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